Твір — Розповідь «Яке Твоє Улюблне Свято?»На Англійській

Твір -Розповідь «Яке Твоє Улюблне Свято?»(На Англійській)

  • It turned out that the writing of the work coincided with the New Year . Which is good , because the New Year is really my favorite holiday.
    Previously I most liked to celebrate his birthday. Eventually Christmas charm captivated me and everyone around. Each family is preparing for the Christmas holidays, and these common troubles make us cheerful and happy. New Year a special for me. Even if the window is no snow and the cold, I still believe that is about to fall white fluffy snow and frost Paint window designs. I like to decorate the Christmas tree , because it is difficult to imagine the Christmas holidays without this beauty. Very nice to not only get gifts , but also to give their family and friends . When finally coming New Year, I believe that my most intimate desire will come true. Christmas tree, presents, laughter , shining bright lights — all this makes the Christmas holidays the most beautiful and memorable for everyone.