Choose the correct form: People saythat many animals are/were in danger. Nelly saidthat she wrote/had written to her parents every week. Th

Choose the correct form:
 1.   People say
that many animals (are/were) in danger.

2.  Nelly said
that she (wrote/had written) to her parents every week.
3.  The Browns
say that they (have moved/had moved) to n new flat.
4.  They wanted
to know if I (would/will) go to Spain.

5.  She told us that it (snowed/had snowed) everyday there.

Report the sentences.

1.   Marv said

to her friend: «It has never snowed here».

2.   Mr. Green
said: «I’m reading a very interesting book now».

3.  He asked:
«Will you buy me this toy tomorrow. Mother?»
4.   «We
can’t do this exercise today» the pupils said to the teacher.

5.   «When does your mo ‘her go shopping?»

— asked my friend.

6.   He said to
me: «I live in Moscow».

7.   The teacher
says: «Learn this poem by heart».

8.   He said:
«I didn’t visit my friend as I was busy a week ago».

9.   Nick’s granny says: «Don’t do any harm

to these animals. Nick».

10.»Who do you want to go to This

museum?» — she asked me.

  • 1 are2 wrote3 have moved4 would

    5 snowed