Сочинение про Кремль, для туристов на английском

Сочинение про Кремль, для туристов( на английском)

    millennium B.C. At prince Ivan Kalita in 1339-1340 new walls were built documents of 1147, however excavation in the Kremlin shows that here

    River, the unique ensemble of the Kremlin rises created by talent and

  • In the capital Center, on a picturesque hill over the Moskva work of many generations. We find the first mention of Moscow in the XV century became the capital of the incorporated Russian state. The already there were settlements in the second half of the first

    biggest construction of the Kremlin belongs to this time.

  • prepared for resolute fight against Tatars, walls and towers of the Kremlin were laid out from a white stone situated near Moscow. “A from powerful oak trunks. And already at Dmitry Donskom when Muscovites

    reigning hail” called Moscow at Ivan III when it in the second half of