Rewritethe following sentences in the passive voice. Charles Dickens wrotemany novels. Who called theambulance? John Perry has alreadymade three re

Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice. 1.Charles Dickens wrote many novels. 2.Who called the


3.John Perry has already made three records.

4.They will install heating in the building. 5.School children are cleaning the beach. 6.The policeman caught the


7.Workers were repairing
the bridge.

8.Our teacher is planning
a party for our class.

9.Who gave you this book?

10.A courier will deliver
the parcel. 

  • 1. Many novels were written by Charles Dickens.2. By whom was the ambulance called?3. Three records has been already made by John Perry.4. Heating will be installed in the building.5. The beach is being cleaned by schoolchildren.6. The burglar was caught by the policeman.7. The bridge was being repaired by workers.8. A party for our class is being planned by our teacher.9. By whom was this book given to you.

    10. The parcel will be delivered by a courier.