Choose the correct form of the verb. Helen is given, was given, will be given an award tomorrow. We are invited, were invited, will be invited to

Choose the correct form of the verb.
1. Helen (is given, was given, will be given) an award tomorrow.
2. We (are invited, were invited, will be invited) to this exhibition every year.
3. Alan (is mentioned, was mentioned, will be mentioned) at the meeting yesterday.
4. I (am bothered, was bothered, will be bothered) by the Browns every time.
5. The ball (is kicked, was kicked, will be kicked) by Sam a minute ago.
6. Dumplings (are cooked, were cooked, will be cooked) by the chef in twenty minutes.
7. The mail (was delivered, will be delivered, is delivered) every morning.
8. Larry (is mocked, was mocked, will be mocked) at by his classmates yesterday.
9. Sarah’s flat (is designed, was designed, will be designed) next month by a famous architect.
10. All vegetables (are peeled, were peeled, .will be peeled) by Granny every day.
11. His work (is criticized, was criticized, will be criticized) yesterday.
12. The money (is transferred, was transferred, will be transferred) at the next week.
13. Water (is absorbed, was absorbed, will be absorbed) by the sand.
14. The cake (is iced, was iced, will be iced) by Mom an hour ago.
15. Tests (are checked, were checked, will be checked) next lesson.
16 Three new paintings (are hung, were hung, will be hung) in the hall yesterday 17. Mice (are always caught, were always caught, will be always caught) by cats

  • 1.will be given2.are invited

    3.was mentioned bothered
    5.was kicked
    6.will be cooked delivered
    8.was mocked
    9.will be designed
    10.are peeled
    11.was criticized
    12.will be transferred absorbed
    14.was iced
    15.will be checked
    16.were hung
    17.are always caught