!1 Choose the right variant:I inch is. A 0.254cm B 0.0254m C 254m D 0.0352cm E 0.5m2 Guess the riddle:wha

Помогите пожалуйста!!!!!!1) Choose the right variant:

I inch is….

A) 0.254cm      B) 0.0254m      C) 1.254m    D) 0.0352cm    E) 0.5m

2) Guess the riddle:
what goes roung the house and in the house and never touches the house?
A) a fire      B) a lightening        C)a wolf      D) the sun      E) a cow

3) What is the name of the Scottish national flag?
A) St Andrews Cross  B) St James Cross C) The saltire D)Union Jack E)St Patrick»s Cross

4) Choose the odd one out:
A) Cupid  B)Heart  C)Lace  D)Thorn  E)Love

5) Choose a proper preposition to complete the sentence:
Never run….the road without looking.
A) over  B)though  C) across  D) down  E) around