1Сhristoper Сolumbus discovered a central america b south america c north america d the united states of america2 The first english settlements appear

1)Сhristoper Сolumbus discovered 
a) central america b) south america c) north america d) the united states of america

2) The first english settlements appeared in
a) north america b) south america  c) central america  d) america

3) The Mayflower is
a) the name of season b) the name of the first english settlement in america c) the name of a flower d) the name of the ship that sailed from plymouth for the new world in 1620

5) The first colonists started the tradition of
a) halloween b) independence day c ) thanksgiving day d) memorial day

6) The first president of the US was 
a) george washington b) abraham lincoln c) jeffrey gefferson d) bill clinton

7) the capital of the US is
a) washington D, C. b) washington c) new york d) philadelphia 

8) There were …. colonies in america in 1773
a) 13 b) 7 c) 21 d) 10 

9) jeans are clothes worn by
a) cowboys in the wild west b) people all over the world c) levi strauss people d) actors in america

10) the american flag is often called
a) union jack b) the stars and stripes c) the red dragon d) the wite eagle

11) there are …… stripes on the american flag
a) 7 b) 6 C) 50 d) 13

12) the oficial national symbol of the usa is
a) the statue of liberty b) the eagle c) the lurkey d) the mayflower

    5) c
    12) b

    7) b 11) d 3) d

    9) b