Твір на тему як я провів зимові канікули

Твір на тему як я провів зимові канікули

  • At last the
    I went out a lot, it was wonderful!
  • I have many friends in this village because I go there every holidays. were a lot of things to do. But the winter fine so my friends and I went to the skating- rink almost every day. It was We went to the school. I could stay in the bed till midday. But I didn’t want to sleep. There Then I spent a

    holidays were over and I returned to the city again. 

    week in the country where my grandfather and grandmother lived. It was great.  winter holidays came! I was very happy!   I didn’t have  to get up early in the morning and run to fun!

    forest to ski, we made snowmen and played snowballs. We even played hockey!

  • Winter and summer holidays — are the most favourite and popular among students. Summer holidays are the longest therefore the most long-awaited, and popularity of winter vacation is connected, first of all, with celebration of New Year!This winter holidays began for me in the last school day. We were given the diaries whith final marks, then I took part in Big New Year perfomance as an actor and after the concert we traditionaly had a tea-time in class.

    Next day was a New Year which I spent in a circle of my big family. Almost right after 0.00  we went for a walk , to arrange salute and to play snowballs. I felt asleep in a second as soon as my head touched a pillow. When I woke up in the morning  I found a heap of gifts under the Christmass Tree for me and my cousines. I can’t remember a day of this holidays that I have spent playing a computer or watchin TV. I had a lot of fun. I walked with friends and parents. I visited a skating rink, cinema and an exhibition of ice figures, played bowling and even went skiing with the grandfather. The program was so saturated that I  didn’t notice how time of rest came to an end and I was need to wake up to school.

  • The weather was