Сочинение тема:день святого валентина на англиском с переводом

сочинение тема:день святого валентина на англиском плиз с переводом)))

  • One of the international holidays is St. Valentine’s Day. This holiday has its story about two sweethearts, that’s why it’s called the day of all sweethearts. On this day many people make a declaration of love and propose marriage. And if they’ve already found their love, they just remind about it and make surprises or give presents to each other. The main symbol of this holiday is valentine. It’s a small heart-shaped card. It is put into the postbox of that person whom you like. I’m fourteen but I’ve never fallen in love. There is a postbox in our school and every year I receive several valentines from girls. I’m not upset, because I know that’s not love it’s just sympathy. I’m sure I’ll find my love. On this day girls’ faces are radiant with joy. They smile to all the boys in the school and wait for their valentine.I love this holiday because it gives people happiness and joy. For sweethearts this holiday is another reason to show their love.