Сочинение на тему-Загрязнение окружающей среды. на английском

Сочинение на тему-Загрязнение окружающей среды.на английском

  • entry and accumulation in the environment of different substances and compounds in concentrations exceeding the natural (background ) level . Environmental pollution in DOS. associated with industrial activity of man , although sometimes it is due to natural causes ( volcanoes , dust storms , forest fires , etc.). DOS. contaminants — industrial enterprises (especially metallurgical and chemical ) , combined heat and power , transport , urban and agriculture . In Russia, large pockets of air pollution generated in the industrial centers (Norilsk , Magnitogorsk , Lipetsk and Cherepovets, Nizhny Tagil , etc.) and cities — millionaires . In large cities, pollution by 70% due to the exhaust of vehicles , which contain approx. 200 toxic substances (including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides , lead compounds ) . In cities and their surroundings loss occurs ( precipitation ) of atmospheric pollutants on the ground, which leads to the formation of geochemical anomalies. Some heavily polluted river — cf. During the Volga , Don , rivers of the Kola Peninsula , the lower reaches of the Amur.Environmental pollution by industrial enterprisesEnvironmental pollution by industrial enterprises  Pollution affects the health of humans, causing a number of serious diseases. Pollution levels monitored values ​​of maximum permissible concentration (MPC) , the maximum permissible emissions (MPE ), etc. The greatest threat to the health of the radioactive contamination of the environment — the result of accidents at nuclear power plants in the world and conducted nuclear tests in 1850 . Especially dangerous isotopes of cesium and strontium that accumulate in the soil and reach the food chain to humans. Also radionuclides have mutagenic pesticides and heavy metals . Environmental contamination can be solved as a result of monitoring the state of the environment , comprehensive utilization of resources , the introduction of low-and non-waste production , the creation of sewage treatment plants