Составить сочинение по плану: 1 Music everyveare. Музыка везде 2 Music janz. Музыкальные жанры 3 Favourite singer, perfomer, music group. Любимый певе

Составить сочинение по плану: 1) Music everyveare. (Музыка везде)

 2) Music janz. (Музыкальные жанры)

 3) Favourite singer, perfomer, music group. (Любимый певец, композитор, музыкальная группа)      Заранее спасибо.

  • You can hear music everywhere, at school, in the street, at home… People love music, somebody love relaxing ones, somebody like rock. But it is anyway music. There are some kinds of people who can listen to music all the time. Probably I’m one of them.    There are a lot of music janz, Rock, pop, rap, folk music etc. And there are people who like all kinds of music. That people are called — melomans. Any kind of music is beautiful. For example folk music was really popular in 19th century. And  you still can hear this kind of music on the street in at celebration time. Folk music is a music which you can hear only on your country.

        People who sing music — singers. So, I have a favourite singer. His name is Mick Jagger. I love his moves, his music. His music really can show emotions the same way that we do. But he sings. His music sounds like a symphony for me. I will like him forever and always.