Составить диалог В ресторане на английском языке 10 реплик у каждого PLS

Помогите составить диалог В ресторане на английском языке  10 реплик у каждого помогите PLS

  • Waiter: Good evening, sir. Welcome to The Knight’s Asylum. What can I do for you? Have you booked the table? 
    Mr. Berton: Yes. I phoned you yesterday evening. The name is Berton. 
    Waiter: Yes, sir. Are you alone? (Looking down the list before him). Oh, no, excuse me, the table for two. 
    Mr. Berton: My wife will be here fairly soon. 
    Waiter: Here you are, please. Would you like this table? 
    Mr. Berton: Oh, no. My wife is fond of sitting by the window and staring at the passers-by. 
    Waiter: This way, sir. It’s the right place for your wife. 
    Mr. Berton: Well, thank you. It seems pretty… for my wife. Not for me, I mean. But the view is wonderful. 
    Mrs.Berton: Peter! (A middle-aged perfectly dressed woman is coming to Mr. Berton). I’m sorry, I’m late. 
    Mr. Berton: Better late than never. 
    Mrs. Berton: Please, don’t grumble! I’ve just visited my hairdresser. Besides ladies have the right to be late. Gentlemen —never! 
    Mr. Berton: Yes, you’re right. Do you like the place? 
    Mrs. Berton: Oh, I’m awfully pleased! 
    Waiter: Here’s the menu. What would you like to start with, madam? 
    Mrs. Berton: Wait a minute. Er… It’s funny enough, but I’m hungry as a bear. And the dishes in your menu look so appetizing… Well, I’d like to begin with baked mushrooms and melon. 
    Waiter: And you, sir? 
    Mr. Berton: As for me, I would like to begin with something more interesting. What can you say about your steaks? 
    Waiter: Oh, they’re really delicious today! What vegetables would you like with the steaks? Fried tomatoes with spiced sour-cream, cauliflower or French beans? 
    Mr. Berton: So, two steaks with fried tomatoes. I prefer steaks well done. What else? A nice portion of roast potatoes. 
    Mrs. Berton: Waiter, the same for me, please. 
    Mr. Berton: And what about your diet, dear? 
    Mrs. Berton: Let’s forget about it! 
    Waiter: Anything to drink? 
    Mr. Berton: A bottle of French red wine, two cups of strong coffee… 
    Mrs. Berton: And orange juice, please! 
    Mr. Berton: Of course! How could I forget! 
    Waiter: Please, wait a moment. (The waiter goes out. In a few minutes he appears again with a tray with dishes). Here you are. 
    Mrs. Berton: Seems and smells fantastic! 
    Mr. Berton: Great! 
    Waiter: Good appetite! Enjoy yourselves. What would you like for dessert? 
    Mrs. Berton: Vanilla ice-cream mixed with bits of chocolate and pineapples, a nice slice of apple pie for me and …(looks at her husband) absolutely nothing for my husband, I suppose. 
    Mr. Berton: Good gracious! You’re right, dear! Will you please bring me the bill, waiter? 
    Waiter: Certainly, sir.