Сделать задания 15 и 16. Заранее

Помогите пожалуйста сделать задания 15 и 16… Заранее спасибо

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    1) а) I wish you hadn’t come come so late. b) I wish you had come earlier.2) a) We wish we hadn’t gone before he came. b) We wish we had waited for his coming.3) They wish they had known everything. b) They wish they hadn’t know anything.4) I wish he weren’t so  frivolous. b) I wish he were more serious.

    5) Now, I wish I had surrendered to his advice. b) And now, I wish hadn’t surrendered to his advice.

1) Please, give me some salt! 2) The evening was damp and cold. 3) The day was cold and windy. 4) The wine is too sugary 5) I like dry wine. 6) She found such a good job. 7) The weather is bad. The night was very cold. I don’t want to walk around in such a bad weather 8) The man had domesticated a dog many years ago. 9) This new is sudden. 10) He has great knowledge in the medicine area. 11) Cyprus and Malta are famous touristic centres. 12) She has lived a hard life / Her life has been hard. 13) The oil is used for production of the petrol. 14) Scotland is a mountainous part of the Great Britain. The highest mountain is Ben-Nevis. 15) Where did they stop? They stopped in the hotel «Continental». It is situated on the High-street.

Фух, надеюсь, всё правильно)