Ребята, и все-все-все неленивые, . Задание маленькое-Complete the sentences. Example: He is a famous opera . . to sing — Hr is a fa

Ребята,и все-все-все неленивые ,помогите пожалуйста.Задание маленькое;)
Complete the sentences. Example: He is a famous opera … . (to sing) — Hr is a famous opera singer. 1.She is a well -known ballet _____. (to dance) Her

 performances are worth watching..2.The _______ from the USA war first.(to run)3.Have you ever seen the young ________ Daniil Trifonov is concert?(music)4.Os his exhibition worth visiting? — Sure,he is a wonderful________.(art)

5.Whar are you going to be? — A_______like my father.(science)

  • 1-dancer2-runner3-musician4-artist5-scientist