, раскрыть скобки :Last summer to go to the sea. She to eat her lunch now. Your father to work every day? Kate not to write

Пожалуйста,помогите раскрыть скобки 🙁
1.Last summer (to go) to the sea.

2. She (to eat) her lunch now.

3. Your father (to work) every day?

4. Kate (not to write) letters every day.

5.You (to meet) your friend yesterday?

6. What you (to do) now?

7. Last lesson we (to read) the text.

8. My mother (not to cook) at the moment.

9. Merry just (to come) home.

10.She (to arrive) tomorrow?

  • 1.Last summer I went to the sea.2. She is eat)ing her lunch now.3. Does your father work every day?4. Kate does not write letters every day.5. Did you meet your friend yesterday?6. What are you doing now?7. Last lesson we read the text.8. My mother is not cooking at the moment.9. Marry has just come home.

    10. Will she arrive tomorrow?