,!По 2-3 предложения к каждому пункту

Помогите, очень надо!!
По 2-3 предложения к каждому пункту

  • 1hi. my favourite subject in the school is a History. I like listening a lot of interesting stories about that. Its very important for me.2I love literature. I reading book since 5 years old and I love it. My favourite book is Charlie and chocolate factory.
  • 1) My favourite subject at school is Maths. What I like about it is that it can explain the nature of things. I feel a great inspiration when I study it.2) Literature is my passion. The books is a good way for a person to develop him/herself. There is a great wisdom in everything I read.3) THe last book my friend read was «Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close». He told me it was the best book of all the time. The author managed to express a full depth of feelings of the boy who suffers from his loss. 4) My friend’s favourite band is a norwegian band A-ha. He says that its music makes him feel something real. Their music is very touching.

    5) I prefer to listen to rock music. It gives me an opportunity to feel drive, which can sometimes enrich my life. This helps me to escape reality and immerse myself into t pure music.