По инглишу

помогите плиз по инглишу

  • Номер 31. Half past ten2. Quarter past nine3. Quarter to nine4. Half past eight5. Twelve o’clock

    6. Ten minutes past three

    Номер 41. My Mum’s sister is my aunt2. My aunt’s husband is my uncle3. My dad’s parents are my grandparents4. My Mum’s Mum is my Grandma

    5. My parents’ son is my brother

Номер 51. He listens to music while he does his homework2. Snakes can bite you in your hands3. How do you get to work?4. She starts work at 7 o’clock5. Let’s look on the photographs in the computer6. He takes photographs of wild animals in the jungle

7. Sue is in the school choir