Поставить в правильном порядкеmum, help, me to make my costume, if, she, get, home early. if, you, not, be, careful, you, drop, thoseglasses. i, not, be, able, to

Поставить в правильном порядке
1.mum,help,me to make my costume,if,she,get,home early.
3.i,not,be,able,to,buy anythink,if,the supermarket,not be,open.
4.unless,your friend,get here,soon,he,miss,the procession.
5.we,have to,buy a cake,unless,julie,decide,to make one.

  • 1. Mum will help me to make my costume if she gets home early2. You will drop those glasses if you are not careful 3. I will not be able to buy anything if the supermarket is not open4. Unless you friend gets here soon he will miss the procession


    We will have to buy a cake unless Julie decides to make one.