Ответье на вопросы. . What is the official name of Great Britain? What countries does it consist of? What is the longest river of Great Bri

Ответье на вопросы.Срочно.
1. What is the official name of Great Britain?
2. What countries does it consist of?
3. What is the longest river of Great Britain?
4. What is the deepest and the most important river?
5. What are the main British ports?
6. Where is England situated?
7. How can toy define the climate of Great Britain?
8. What was the origin of smog in the UK?
9. What goods are produces in the UK?
10. What kind of political system has Great Britain?
11. What part does the Queen play in the Parliament?
12. How can you explain the name “The Houses of Parliament”?
13. Who do the House of Lords and the House of Commons of?
14. Why is the clock Tower called “Big Ben”?
15. What does the light at the top of the clock tower mean?
16. What is the job of the Prime Minister?
17. Where is the official residence of Prime Minister located?
18. What the most famous British newspapers do you know?
19. What are main districts of London?
20. Name the famous parks in London?
21. A fortress, a palace, a prison, a mint. What is it?
22. What battle was is 1805?
23. How many years did it take C.Wren to build St. Paul’s Cathedral?
24. Where has every English monarch been crowned?
25. Who founded Westminster Abbey?
26. Name the British Museums and Galleries?
27. Name the main stages of English Schooling?
28. What is the traditional English breakfast like?
29. What is usually called a “continental breakfast”?
30. What is the traditional dish for Christmas table?
31. What is the most popular holiday in Britain and when is it celebrated?
32. What’s a carol?
33. What do the British do on Boxing Day?
34. When is Guy Fawkes Night celebrated?
35. What do you know about Guy Fawkes?
36. Name the most popular kinds of sport in English?

  • 1: The Unitet Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothen Irland2:The territore of the United Kingdom is divided into 4 parts: England,Scotland.Wales.Nothen Ireland

    3The longest river in Britain is River Severn; it is about 354 kilometres or 220 miles.