Ответить на 5 вопросов по текстуНа английском языкеЗаранее

Ответить на 5 вопросов по тексту (На английском языке)

Заранее спасибо)

  • 1.They don`t like his style of life, especially clothes, music, mates etc.2. He unlike that parents dont repsect him3. The main problem is different outlooks on life John and parents4. Yes, he does5. They just need to find understanding with each other
  • 1. John would like his parents to accept his music, his clothes and his friends.2. John doesn’t want his parents to nag him for days if he comes home late. 3. John’s parents would like him to follow their choice. 4. John’ s parents don’t want John to disobey. 5. John complaints that his parents don’t understand a thing about respect.