Ответить на вопросыСan you skate? Can your father ski? Does your friend like to play tennis? What do you like to do in winter? What

Помогите ответить на вопросы)
1.Сan you skate? 
2.Can your father ski? 
3.Does your friend like to play tennis? 
4.What do you like to do in winter?
5.What do your friends want to be? And you? 
6.Have you got a kitten? Is it big or little? 
7.What colour is it?
8.Do you like to play with it?
9.Have you got many toys?
10.What toys do you like most?
11.Tell us about toys you like very much.

  • Yes,I can. No,he can’t. Yes,he does. I like to play snowballs in winter. My friend want to be a doctor and me too. Yes,I have. It is very small. It is black. Yes,I do. Yes,I have. Most of all I like robots and cars. I have a red speedy car. It is expensive. My dad give me this car on weekends. We drive it in park.