Не to be abroad five years ago. You to be in the Caucasus last year? They to leave England when he to be still a child. He not yet to come

1. Не (to be) abroad five years ago. 2. You (to be) in the Caucasus last year? 3. They (to leave) England when he (to be) still a child. 4. He (not yet to come) back. 5. He (to go) already? 6. When you (to see) him last? 7. I (not to see) him for ages. 8. His health (to improve) greatly since I (to see) him last. 9. Last night I (to feel) tired and (to go) to bed very early. 10. Where you (to spend) your holidays? 

  • 1. He was2. Were you 3. They have left England when he was a child4. He hasn’t come back yet.5, Has he gone already?6. When did you see him last?7. I haven’t seen him for ages.8. His health has improved greatly since I saw him last.9. Last night I felt tired and went to bed..

    10. Where did you spend your …?