Напишите сочинение на английском языке, на тему: самое лучшее изобритение

Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на английском языке, на тему: самое лучшее изобритение.

    life  of  every  person. It  brings  people  of   the  world  closer 

  • Inventions Over the years scientists have invented agreat number of things, which we nowuse in everyday life, for example,computers, printing machines,telephones, radio, television,automobiles, photography, electricity,steam engine, planes etc. One of the mostuseful and handy devices today is thecomputer. It is a comparatively newinvention, which came into use in the20th century. However, the form ofcomputer was designed already in themid- 1830s by the British mathematicianCharles Babbage. Today, people simplycan’t imagine their lives withoutcomputers. There is a whole generationwhich has grown up with calculators,computer games, word processor,Internet and else. Another vital device isthe TV. This invention has truly changedthe leisure habits of millions of peopleworldwide. Television was pioneered inthe 1920s by Scottish electrical engineerJohn Logie Baird. He was the first torealize that light could be converted intoelectrical impulses, which are thentransmitted over a distance. Electricity,perhaps, is even more important. Wewouldn’t be able to use computers andTVs without it. The invention ofelectricity dates back to the 19th centuryand is connected with such renownednames as Michael Faraday, AlessandroVolta, Humphry Davy and Andre MarieAmpere. For the invention of telephoneswe should be grateful to AlexanderGraham Bell. He is an Edinburgh-bornscientist who patented the invention oftelephone in 1876. A year later a greatAmerican scientist Thomas Edison

    produced the first working telephone.

  • world. People  are  so  fond  of  computers  and  the  Internet,  that  просто коешто еще добавить или убрать

Most  of  them  like  virtual  life  even  more  than  the  real  one.  opportunity  to  know  and  other  people  of  other  nations  and  source  of  communication  and  it  plays  an  important  role  in  the  and  even  to  learn  new  things  from  that  communicated  with. even  love. They  don’t  need  your  appearance,  they  love  you  as     To  my  mind,  life  without  the  Internet  would  be  dull,  but  should  life  a  real  life. friends  in  the  Internet  world. You  can  tell  him/her  all 

The  Internet  today  is  an  important  phenomena. Communicating  through  the  Internet  gives  the  around  the  world. It  has  spawned  entirely  new  industries   knowledge  by  providing  access  online  libraries. Internet   is  the  People  meet  one  another  in  the  Internet,  fall  in  love  and  secrets  you  have  and  they  will  not  gossip  or  laugh  at  you. find  out  their  culture,  to  make  comparisons  between  regions  sometimes  they  forget  to  go  for  a  walk  or  to  eat  something. transformed  existing  ones  and  become  a  global  cultural  Internet  resources  help  people  get  latest  news  improve  together. The  Internet  makes  the  world  smaller  because  through  the  Internet  we  can  communicate  with  people  from  all  over  the  center  of  attention   for businesses, governments  and  individual 

you  are,  your  thoughts  and  manners. You  can  find  virtual  true