очень срочно надо написать помогите пожалуйста 

  • Ex.21.said. 2. told. 3. said. 4. told.Ex.31.told. 2. said. 3. said. 4. said. 5. told. 6. told. 7. said.Ex.41. was. 2. was. 3. would go. 4. have supported. 5. would attend; took. 6. is. 7. would.Ex.5Many people say that many animals are in danger. 2. My granny says that she likes spring when all the fruit-trees are in blossom. 3. My friend says, that they speak only English in the class. 4. Our teacher says to my brother that he must word hard if he wants to learn English well.Ex.6

    1. John says that he likes bacon and eggs for breakfast. 2. John says that he is not going there by himself. 3. John says that he will give me his umbrella. 4. John says that he went to the movies last night. 5. John says that he has lost his pen. 6. John says that he had written the letters before George came to the office. 7. John says that he was watching TV at 7 o’clock. 8. John says that he have never been to London. 9. John says that Edgar can swim like a dolphin.