Написать, что то на подобие делового письма Сделать задание по примеру! от 120 до 180 словЗадание и пример во вложенияхВ заранее

Нужно написать, что то на подобие делового письма Сделать задание по примеру!) от 120 до 180 слов)Задание и пример во вложениях)

В заранее спасибо) 

    to save an urban park, play area or green space. The broken-down cars should be some important ways to improve the city areas. Firstly, it is are a lot of graffiti on the wall that should be removed or painted anew. I dream Subject: suggested improvements to the areas

  • From: Alex G. To: Ron Taylor, Mayor of the town State or local government agency must be involved in attention to the difficult and bad condition of the city. I would like to suggest
    Date:3rd February board, repainting of restrooms facility or replacing grass and shrubs. Our city

    towed away from the streets and roads.

    the maintenance and upkeep of the areas. For example, for suggest spending more money on housing. Young specialist should have modern and


    comfortable apartments. There is one more problem – it is dirty old houses. There

    has become run-down recently and we should take whatever measures are necessary a play area I would like to suggest such things as new bench, new sliding necessary to build some treatment facilities in order to minimalize rubbish and

    that our city will have an artistically beautiful and pleasing appearance.

    Secondary, for developing of our city, I would like to
    The main goal of the present letter is to pay