Написать сочинение на английском о достопримечательности можно Киева слов должно быть не менее 120

Помогите написать сочинение на английском о достопримечательности ( можно Киева) слов должно быть не менее 120

  • Сочинение про площадь независимости в Киеве. Здесь больше чем 120 слов.
    The Central square of Kiev. Located between the Kreschatik, streets Boris Grinchenko, Sofievskaya, M. Zhytomyr, Mikhailovskaya, Kostelni, Institutska, architect Gorodetsky and Shevchenko lane. Until the end of the 10th century this place and the whole Kreschatik was called Перевисеще and was the forest thicket. Where now begins Sofievskaya street, was Лядська Brahma, which led to the upper town. On the territory of the area in the 18th century were built stone fortress walls, the so-called caves gate, which existed until 1833 In the late 18th century — early 19th century Maidan was a wasteland — the so-called Goat bog. In the 30s of the 18th century there appeared the first wooden, and in the 50s stone houses. Before 1871 the area, which then was called Хрещатицкой, was the market, there were circus performances, carnivals. In 1876, after the building of the City Duma (the architect. O. Ya Scilla, destroyed in 1941 during WWII), the square got the name of the Duma. In March 1919 the square перейменовали on the Soviet, 1935 — Kalinin. In the 50’s. the 19th century the square was built house of Noble Assembly (architects. O. Century Beretti; now in its place, the Central Council of trade unions). The house Gudowski, which until 1979 stood between the streets M.zhitomirskoy and Michael, 1859 lived T. G. Shevchenko. In one of premises of the City Duma some time worked as an art school М.И.Мурашка. In the house №2 in February of 1919 was a Soviet commandant’s office of Kyiv, who headed the М.О.Щорс. In 1922 the square was erected the monument to K. Marx (sculptor J. M. Чайков). In 1976 — 77 square was reconstructed and renamed the area of the October revolution. In 1977 on the square there is a monument to the great October Socialist Revolution (1990 dismantled). In 1991 the square received its present name in honor of the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence.