Написать описание картинки во вложении 230-250 слов. , переводчик не использовать, в любом случае ваш ответ после удалят. Буду

Нужно написать описание картинки (во вложении) 230-250 слов. Прошу очень, переводчик не использовать, в любом случае ваш ответ после удалят. Буду очень благодарна. 

    sensitive nose, strong teeth! Let`s look at his pure white dickey and such beautiful true gentleman and he is priceless! his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of friend, your partner, your defender, your barista, your dog. You are his life, But can you real Barista. He always knows, what is necessary for making coffee: coffee beans, imagine that a dog can make coffee? It is quite possible. Dog named KAF is a dogs, for example, guide dogs, which can work wonders and help to blind people imagine how this stylish Barista every morning pampers its mistress. He is a
    his heart. It’s too beautiful for words!

    dogs-therapists who work with children with disabilities; dogs-doctors who Let’s


Dogs are loves himself.» He is your

the classic, delicate taste and aroma of coffee.

  •        «A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he understand the patient and can provide him a psychological help. coffee grinder, coffee maker and a mug. Without a doubt, he knows a lot about He even paws. No doubt, this specialist is a godsend for cafes and restaurants. looks like a real Barista. His neat ears, large and intelligent eyes, a the most honest and sincerest animals. In our time people very appreciate smart

    to live in our huge world. There are also dogs-bodyguards, indispensable dogs-searchers,