Написать на английском сочинение идеальная школа

помогите написать на английском сочинение идеальная школа

  • The ideal school — my dreams!This is a school where = teachers and students together improved .. .This is the place where you — respected and considered with any your opinion … .Where = argue and prove the truth … where they teach and learn ! — having fun — !Where peace , kindness and love !Where you are appreciated and you are proud of !Where I want to learn to not only know , but also because just a shame not to know where you believe in !In the school of my dreams = many colors , there will be a lot of animals and birds will sing !There’s light and comfortable !Ideal School — a school of free choice, when each student can choose classes in which he is interested , that are important to him personally .Ideal school should provide children the right to choose subjects , teachers, and the form of individual pace .In an ideal school education should be as good in a large family. In one class of children of different ages learn together , help each other and the teacher , as a mom or dad , it helps when you need support , care about their students .This is a school in which the teacher would understand that in every conflict in the first place , he is guilty . In this school, the schedule should be built based on the interests of children. Teachers in this school have to remember that they come to school for the kids , and not vice versa . The school where all the teachers remember this , and there are probably ideal .. .Ideal school — beautiful, with nice furniture , with equipped gym . Teachers need to be friends with each other , invite children to visit. In high school, should be given the right of choice of occupation , and with the first class can be allowed to choose those whose parents want to allow children free choice. Teachers should not be pets , they should all be treated equally .That’s what the ideal school !