Люди! придумать мини-историю к пословице fortune favours the brave!

Люди!Срочно нужно придумать мини-историю к пословице fortune favours the brave!

  • When I was 7 years old I wanted to have a dog but I was not sure that my mother would let me keep it. Howewer one day I asked her whether I could have a small dog to play with. I thought she would refuse at once, but she said that dogs are good animals. She said that she would let me keep a dog, but only if I would take care of my pet. I was really surprised to hear that answer. Of course I was ready to walk with my dog and feed it. I wasn’t sure whether I knew everything about keeping dogs as pets, and so I said to my mother. She answered that the would help me, if necessary. The next day we went to a shop and bought a nice dog. We called it Harry and he was my good friend for many years. And I never failed to feed it, as I promised.