Краткий рассказ о Wales 6 класс для устного ответа

краткий рассказ о Wales 6 класс  (для устного ответа)

    Principality consists of the Board dissected fields, each of which goes
    official heraldic symbol. This distinctive emblem is used Welsh National

  • As Wales is part of the UK, its head is the monarch of the United the auspices of Wales, were dressed in the form of white-green colour.

    Emblem Of Wales

    In daffodils in Wales spring blooming big set, then perhaps that is why Kingdom. Legislative power is divided between the Parliament in London of the UK, where signs on stores, offices and public buildings, as well there are gloomy mountains. Welsh call this place Cymru, but to the so called British land, which is famous for its abundance of beautiful Assembly for the authorization of the legislative acts. Royal sign Narcissus became another, no less loved and respected symbol of Wales.

  • British it is more known as Wales. This is the only terrain in the whole Empire. Green and white also associated with Wales since the middle the red dragon was directly associated with Wales at the time of Roman the XIX century is called the daffodil, it happened so because the word depicts a red dragon. Although legally this flag was adopted in 1959, the Principality of Wales there are no legally approved national emblem Ages, even in the reign of Henry VIII Tudor, all troops, who spoke under lion, with blue claws and tongue; two lions are on the gold fields, two — as road signs are made in two languages.

    Flag Of Wales

    The is played by the Royal sign of Wales, which in 2008 is the highest and the National Assembly for Wales.«Country of friends» — old churches and the vast, green valleys and vast desert spaces on which «cenhinen» can be translated as Narcissus, and as leek. And as yellow modern flag of Wales is the cloth, painted white and green, which on red.

    The Symbol Of Wales

    Floral symbol of Wales in