! Заранее — косвенная речь.1Christophear:»Do you want to dance?» Christophear asked me. 2Betty:»When did you come?»Betty wan

Помогите пожалуйста!! Заранее спасибо)-косвенная речь.
1)Christophear:»Do you want to dance?» Christophear asked me. 2)Betty:»When did you come?»Betty wanted to know.3)Mark:»Has John arrived?»Mark asked me.4)Ronald:»Where does maria park her car?»Ronald asked me.5)Elisabeth:»Did you watch the latest film?»Elisabeth asked me.6)Mandy:»Can I help?»mandy wanted to know.7)Andrew:»Will Mandy have lunch with Sue?» Andrew asked me.8)Justin:»What are  you doing?»Justin asked me.9)Frank:»How much pocket money does Lisa get?»Frank wanted to know.10)Anne:»Must I do the shopping?»Anne asked.

  • 1. Christophear asked me if I danced. 2. Betty wanted to know when I had come.3. Mark asked me if John had arrived.4. Ronald asked me where Maria parked her car.5. Elisabeth asked me if I had watched the latest film. 6. Mandy wanted to know if she could help7. Andrew asked me if Mandy would have lunch with Sue. 8. Justin asked mr what I was doing.9. Frank wanted to know how much pocket money Lisa got.

    10. Anne asked if sha had to do the shopping.