Замените подчёркнутые существительные местоимениями. The city has a population of over two million people. People can see wonderful views of Pest

 Замените подчёркнутые существительные местоимениями.1. The city has a population of over two million people.2. People can see wonderful views of Pest and the river.3. Six bridges join Buda and Pest.4. They pulled down a statue of Stalin and fought the soldiers.5. Most cars are old,so polution is very bad.6. Communists’ rule did not end until 1989.7. Budapest’s places of interest always impress tourists.8. He decided to save money for travelling and put his money in the bank.9. When we got out of the tourist bus it was raining, so my clothes were absolutely wet. I had to dry my clothes.10. The information about the history of the city is really exciting, so naturally, everybody is interested in this information.

  • 1. it2. they, it3. they4. him, them5.most of them6. theirs’7. it’s, them8. it 9. them(it)

    10. it