День независимости Казахстана на английском языке не большой Заранеее !

День независимости Казахстана на английском языке( не очень большой) Заранеее Спасибо!

  • Day of state independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan — the main state holiday, which is celebrated annually on December 16. In honor of the national holiday of this day in the Republic is not a business. 16 December 1991 the Supreme Council adopted the law on the independence and state sovereignty of Kazakhstan. The Republic is the last country of the former USSR adopted a law on the independence. The leader of the Central Asian region, Kazakhstan in recent years, developing intensively. Notable successes in the economy of Kazakhstan achieved due to the restructuring of the entire economic system, which in the era of the Soviet Union depended heavily on extractive industries. In addition to economic reform in independent Kazakhstan were carried out political reforms that have substantially increased the authority of the Republic on the international arena. Kazakhstan is a member of international and regional organizations known as a reliable partner both Western and Eastern countries. The feast is celebrated mass celebrations. In anticipation of the holiday also award prizes to the outstanding figures of culture and art, sports, politics and other spheres. Are «public Amnesty. In all cities, towns held concerts, night sky lights up with fireworks and salute.