Впиши недостающие слова: didn`t, did, will take, will go. Alex:Hello, Miss Chatter! How are you&Miss Chatter:I am fine ! Thank you! Alex:Did you visit Tiny

Впиши недостающие слова: didn`t,did, will take, will go.Alex:Hello,Miss Chatter!How are you&Miss Chatter:I am fine ! Thank you!Alex:Did you visit Tiny yesterday?Miss Chatter:Yes, I_______.Alex:Did he write a new fairy tale?Miss Chatter:No,he _______ write it.He was very busy.But he gave me a nice book of fairy tales for you.Alex:It`s great! I______________ to  the country next week.I________________ the book.Miss Chatter:Come and see me, Ben!Alex: Thanks a lot.Bye-bye!Miss Chatter:Bye! 

                                                          Заранее спасибо! 

  • did. did not. will take
  • diddidn`t will go

    will take