Аналогичное сочинение-рецензия по какому-нибудь ресторану, , а то с английским совсем беда, благо что не сдаю его. буду рад

Нужно аналогичное сочинение-рецензия по какому-нибудь ресторану,помогите пожалуйста,а то с английским совсем беда,благо что не сдаю его.буду очень рад и благодарен вашей помощи

  • To: Mike Johnson, Food editorFrom: David TeamwinerSubject: Aminit Restaurant ( or Warm Cafe)-типо свой вариант

    Date:14 th septembre.

    Hello everybody, the aim of this report is info about amazing Aminit Restaurant.

    Food:The food was very taste. I love this lights in menu. The menu of true Englishman. Without difficult words. The best dish was cup of real Indian tea.

    Also there are excellent old-fashion plates and cups.

 I was really suprised about look of waiters. Vests, shirt, straight pants, hairstyle and smile.Perfect man. They were very polite. Inspite of these look, it take ages to bring your food, especially when they busy.

In this cafe the price is acceptable. There is a good prices for tourists too.

If you are true connoisseur of English culture, you choose the right place to relax. Book the table there, because you will not regret it.