Phil is having a party on Sunday.


    Paul buy those trainers? Natalie

  • What time do you usualy go to bed?

    What are your new classmates like?

    Do you usualy help your parents?

    Sarah is having a partyon Saturday.

    Why did Paul buy those trainers?

    You are always late for school.

    I can’t come to the cinema with you tomorrow.

    In summer holidays Phil is going to see his cousines.

    atalie never does her homework after school.

    You mustn’t eat in the library.

  • usually help your parents?

    time do you usually go to bed?

    Why did

    Подходит по смыслу DO –Что твоим новым одноклассникам Sarah is late for school. I can’t come with you to the cinema tomorrow. What do You are always !!! В ЭТОМ ПРЕЛОЖЕНИИ are ИЛИ do ? You mustn’t eat in the library/ your new classmates like? going to see his cousins in the summer holidays.

    never does her homework after school.

  • What
    Do you