, преобразовать прямые вопросы в косвенные на английском языке.1Daniel asked»Can I have some more cake?»2″Who did you dance wit

Помогите пожалуйста,надо преобразовать прямые вопросы в косвенные на английском языке.1)Daniel asked»Can I have some more cake?»2)»Who did you dance with?» Ralf asked me.3)»When will the match start?» asked Peter.4)The teacher asked:»Who knows the capital Honduras?»5)»Why aren t you clening the teeth?» Mum asked Little Rita.6)»Can anyone make a real Italian pizza?» Ron asked.7)»Have you seen Denni s new motorbike?» Lucy asked me.8)»Must you go so early?» Julia asked looking into Rics eyes.9)»Do the children like sweet cherries?»asked the fairy.10)»How many people are there?» asked the captain.11)»Whats your name?» Karlsson asked me.12)»Whats the time?» I asked Kalsson.

  • 1. Daniel asked if she could have some more cake.2. Ralf asked me who I danced with.3. Peter asked when the match would start.4. The teacher asked who knew the capital of Honduras.5. Mum asked Little Rita why she was not cleaning her teeth.6. Ron asked if someone could make a real Italian pizza.7. Lucy asked me if i had seen Denni’s new motorbike.8. Julia asked looking into Ric’s eyes if he had to go so early.9. The fairy asked if the children liked sweet cherries.10. The captain asked how many there were people.11.Karlson asked me what my name is.

    12. I asked Karlson  what the time was