Помоги с заданием перевести этот текст на русский язык » Learning foreign languages» зарания большое I am a student . I am a

Пожалуйста помоги  с заданием надо перевести этот текст на русский язык » Learning foreign languages»  зарания большое спасибо))))I am a student . I am a prospective teacher of biology . One of my hobbies is the English language . It is the most popular language on earth . Many people learn in order to build a successful career or find friends abroad . As for me, I find this language one of the most beautiful in the world . That’s why I decided to learn it. I like to listen to Englisn songs . I am glad that I can understand what some song is about without anybody’s help. I started to learn English at school and now I continue to learn it at the university. I often stay at the university after classes, because I am a member of a research group . I like research work , that’s why I often search for new information Most of the articles of foreign colleagues are in English . New ideas in science happen so quickly, that it is impossible to translate everything into different languages at once. But I think it is very important to learn about new ideas as quickly as possible. 

My dream is to visit one of the English-speaking countries. I would like to communicate with its people and learn something new about its culture. But now I have some friends abroad . I can send letters to them via the Internet . Most of them are also students. We often discuss our plans for the future . I think young people are very much alike all over the world. And it is very interesting to learn a foreign language and be able to understand it.