Напишите рассказ на английском языке про цветок

Напишите рассказ на английском языке про цветок, срочно 

  • Far away from the house in which he lives a girl with a strange name Yasama , there is another house — a large palace of glass and concrete . This house is called » Daddy’s job.» In this palace has a large , bright room . ( Who knows — room , a room , but not so large that it could go , and even unfold. Large dump truck , but of course , no one let him go ) . So, in this room were two huge tables, they were » butt» to each other, but so that they form a «T» . » ( If you’ve already learned the letters, you probably agree that the letter T — the easiest to write and memorize ) . Next to the tables were chairs . They never went far from the tables , so much , they have destiny, be next to the tables , though each full four — foot legs . And the tables and chairs were made of wood , but it was already dead tree is not growing . And only if properly carefully sniffed , it could smell the living tree emanating from them. But the smell was very, very weak , and of course people were not up to it . People , in general, are lagging behind as regards odors from other creatures Meanwhile smells live almost forever. But we are a little deviated from our main theme.Were in the room, however, and sentient beings. I’m not talking about the people I’m talking about the colors ! Yes ! Yes ! It had flowers ! «Flowers are not alive — you will say , and you will be wrong. All plants , flowers, trees and grass — they all live — remember that kid . I just know it . They breathe , grow, feel external influences , and ( as they say) , even feel and understand the person. ПЕРЕВОД НА http://proza.ru/2009/05/25/986