Написать эссе на ангийском,! , ! Должно быть 5 абзацевA magazine is asking for opinions on the following — all teenagers s

помогите написать эссе на ангийском,! пожалуйста, срочно надо! (Должно быть 5 абзацев)

A magazine is asking for opinions on the following; all teenagers should help with household chores. write an essay, giving reasons/examples to support your point of view

  • Some parents believe that children need to be taught some housework when they are teenagers . Others believe that it is good to teach children when they are younger , just by letting them help when you’re doing homework. I remember my mother would not let me do any chores, because she said that may not be able to do it properly, and it will have to redo that much time for her. I ended up knowing very little , until I reached my teens age. But when is the right time for children to participate in the house?
    Perhaps the best time to start teaching a child about household chores when they are ready to learn when they actually ask you to share things or started to do things on their own . This is usually a total of six or seven years . Often parents do not allow children to learn new things , because they are very controlling and want to do it their way . However , depriving children of the opportunity to show what they can do , we deprive them of confidence , self-confidence and experience needed for their own development . By the time a child reaches adolescence, it would be too late to teach them to work they need to do, and that is why many teenagers resent the fact to make them at this age. Children should start with simple things about caring for yourself , then graduate to 10/ 11 at the age of giving a hand in the house with dishes , etc. By the mid-teens, they would then have a healthy assessment of their role in the family , their usefulness in the household, and also feel a sense of self-worth and pride in playing a role.