Мне сочинение на тему Health. Напишите хотя бы несколько предложений на английском

Мне нужно сочинение на тему Health .Напишите хотя бы несколько предложений на английском

  • Health need to be stored. To protect against viruses eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Need to be engaged in gymnastics exercises. Может быть и так точно незнаю.
  • I think keeping health is very important for everyone. Moreover health is one of the most urgent problems in the world now. Why is that so? There is nothing more important than health. «Health is above wealth» wise people say, because you can`t be good at your studies or work well if you don`t take care of your health. No doubt, everybody wants to live a long healthy life. Unfortunately, now it has become a dream. Because of the polluted environment people suffer a lot of diseases. And the best way to be healthy is to go in for sports. But many people don`t take enough exercise to keep themselves healthy. As far as I know many men and women are overweight. The most spreading illness today is obesity. One of the reasons is wrong food. Fast food is becoming more popular. If youWant to be healthy and slim you should try to shorten fat products and fast food. It`s necessary to eat the right food. I recommend old and young to do and play sports because it makes them strong and energetic. Keeping fit is very trendy today. People shouLd remember that bad habits are extremely dangerous for their health. Don`t forget a proverb:»Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise».