Диалог на английском с пословицами о еде

Диалог на английском с пословицами о еде.

  • Boris: I`m staying in England only for a week and don`t know anything about traditional English meals.James: For breakfast the English people usually eat eggs, bacon and sausages. At this time they always drink a cup of tea.Boris: And then they have lunch. What do they usually eat for lunch?James: The English lunch consists mostly of two courses: a main course and a dessert. The main course includes fish or meat with various vegetables. At five o`clock in the afternoon the English people have tea with cakes.Boris: And what about the English supper?James: The situation with supper is interesting here. Some English people have their last meal at about eight o`clock in the evening. They usually call this rather big meal dinner. And some English people have a small last meal. In this case they call it supper.Boris: It is very unusual for me.James: Let`s study our menu. It`s time to make an order.Boris: The names of some dishes on the menu are new for me. I don`t understand what I will get. Could you recommend me what to order tonight?James: Mushroom soup is always very good here.Boris: Excuse me, but I don`t eat soup so lately. I would like a traditional English dish.James: Roast-beef with cauliflower, green salad and fried potatoes must be delicious.Boris: Fine, it sounds very well. And what are you going to order?James: I`m really hungry. I order vegetable soup with meat balls, a well-done steak with mashed potatoes, green salad and black Spanish olives. And we take this red wine. Some cheese for you?Boris: No, thank you. I would like to finish with black coffee without any dessert.James: And I`ll have some ice-cream.