Дать ответ на вопроы! плиссс. When do you have your supper? Do you eat cutlets with potatoes or rice? What do you like better:to have st

Дать ответ на вопроы!!Помогите плиссс…))1.When do you have your supper?2.Do you eat cutlets with potatoes or rice?3.What do you like better:to have steak or fish for sepper?4.Do you eat soup for supper?5.Do you eat pizza with pepper or sauce?6.How often do you have roast chicken for supper?

7.Do you like makaroni/pasta or potatoes better?

  • Я напишу придуманные ответы :D1.I usually have my supper at 8 p.m.2.I eat them mostly with rice, but sometimes I eat ’em with potatoes.3.I ‘d like to have a steak for supper4.Sometimes I eat soup for supper.5.I prefer eating pizza with sauce.6.I have a roast chicken for supper one time a week.

    7.I like both garnishes, but I prefer pasta.