!Выберите и обведите правильный вариант. Mike is. then his friend. aold bthe oldest colder Do you often meet those.?asports

Помогите плиз!!!!!Выберите и обведите правильный вариант.1. Mike is …then his friend.a)old   b)the oldest  c)older2. Do you often meet those…?a)sportsmen   b)sportsman   c)policeman3.  …thirty days in April.a)They are   b)These are   c)There are4. It is …. ball we have got.a)good   b)better  c)the best5.  I am hungry but Oleg is….  .a)hungry  b) hungrier  c) hungriest6. The car is more useful…the bike.a)than  b)then  c)-7.i  It is … coldest day of the month.a) a    b) the   c) —8. Kate can’t give you … cassettes.a)this   b) that   c) these9.I … from England.a) isn’t   b) am not   c) don’t10. I haven’t got … sister.

a) a   b) the   c) —

  • 1. c 2. A3.c4. c5. b6. A7. b8. c9. b

    10. a